Computer Running Slow?

Add More Memory

Will adding more Memory to my computer make it run faster?

It is a copy misunderstanding from around 10 years ago, back when low Memory (or RAM) was one of the performance issues of a Computer.

For today's Computers, 4GB is a must and with Windows 10, 6GB is the ideal lowest amount of Memory a computer should have.

Is a Virus causing my Computer to run slow

In some cases, yes. More than likely, it's Malware (thing of Software that tries to scare you with error warnings and asks for money). These programs will slow down your Computer (yes, Apple Macs included). The likely impact on system performance is anywhere from 5% to 50%

My Computer needs a Service, it's running slow

While Computers do not require 'Servicing' like a Car requires regular interval servicing, a 'tune-up' of your Computer is really fixing any issues that are present. This will likely improve system performance from no effect 0% to 50% (if a major Operating System issue is present). We recommend you have any Computer issues addressed. If you are not having any issues with your Computer (including running slow), then there is no need to have your Computer looked at by a Technician. If your Computer is business critical, then it is worth having it regularly checked for reliability.

The BIGGEST speed improment to your Computer

Now that we have covered the common thought patterns, let's talk about what a Computer Technician will actually recommend for the biggest improvement to your Computer (or 'bang for buck'). We are talking about installing an SSD (Solid Storage Device). Unlike traditional Hard Drives (HDD), SSDs have no mechanical parts, basically the reason why they are so much faster. We are talking about a 500% or 5x performance improvement.

Visit us today to discuss the available SSD upgrade options for your Computer.

Comparing Hardware

Side note, Memory and Storage Capacity are two separate things.


Often, people interchange Memory and Storage Capacity when comparing Computers. They may say, this Computer only has 4GB, while this Computer has 500GB, when they are actually comparing the capacities of different pieces of equipment.

Comparing Hardware: The Plot Thickens

Comparing Apples with Apples is also important. The Capacity of a component is one consideration, but the actual speed of the component is usually far more important. For instance, would you rather 2TB (2000GB) of storage capacity that is really slow, or 1TB (1000GB) of storage capacity that is really fast.




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